How to land any sales deal with the “All-in-one-sales-app”

sales deal

We all know the basic mantras behind a successful sale – know your customers, show up prepared and give your pitch properly. But in today’s modern world, landing a perfect sales deal is more about selling a product to your customer. It is giving customers a fit solution for all their needs. No one has the time to explain or hear the entire 100-page catalog, or wait for you to enunciate all the details about the product. Sales has become a fast-paced field, where everything happens within minutes if not hours. A salesperson’s job is hectic and the only way it can be less-consuming if he/she is able to perform all the sales tasks quickly and effectively to gain the right customer. Vistabizz is the magic tool for all the salespeople who want to increase their revenue on a daily basis. It is truly an “All-in-one-sales” app!

Let’s look at some features that can help to win that sales deal and convert a potential customer into a consumer of the product whilst making profit on daily basis:

Modern Visiting Cards to gain personal attention 

Modern Visiting Cards

Any sales representative’s primary duty is to act as the liaison between the company and the customer. This involves giving personal attention to the customer and always being available to them. Gone are the days when you would hand out decorated visiting cards to buyers. The Vistabizz app allows you to create digital visiting cards for free that have clickable social profile links like Facebook and WhatsApp, so that your customers can find you anywhere. You can also share online visiting cards through URLs that are ready as soon as you complete your profile. And if you are an old school person and still want to go with the physical visiting cards, you can create printable visiting cards using pre-designed business card templates.


Dynamic catalogs to know your products

dynamic catalogs

On any sales call, knowing all the products that you’re selling and having an updated product catalog is of the utmost importance. Catalogs inspire customers to buy products of their choosing. Create brochures, catalogs, price lists easily and quickly using the pre-designed templates on the Vistabizz app. Add as many products as your like and add other features such as

  • Buy links, video links
  • Main image and multiple images
  • Small and large description
  • Products with tagline, brand and sell price


On-the-Spot Invoices to give an exact cost breakdown

on-the-spot invoices

Everyone hates hidden costs – not only do they displease the customer, they could also tarnish your company’s reputation. Help avoid that and improve your chances of conversion by creating one-click digital orders, quotations and invoices instantly as soon as the products are finalized by the customers. On the spot invoices contain these amazing options for quicker sales:

  • Add product to the bag by sliding any individual product from product library,
  • select any contact to add in as customer,
  • number your invoices and orders
  • add and modify terms & conditions while creating transactional documents
  • Your company profile will be automatically included for branding
  • Smart Icons included to link to your social media platforms
  • Possible to share as PDF on all app instantly
  • Payment links can be added for immediate action
  • High quality document when printed


Speak with conviction to seal the deal

speak with conviction

These tools provide a medium to quicken the sales process, but it is important for the sales person to pitch the idea with great conviction so that the customers are converting their thoughts into the action of buying. Speak with confidence and make your message clear and short. Explain the whole process precisely and let the customers engage and know your product better.  

Every successful sale has a similar pattern. Once the customer has expressed interest in the product, make yourself available to answer any questions they have. Next, elaborate on any of the details surrounding the product that they are not familiar with (i.e., features, benefits, etc.). By using the above tools, you can make your and their work 10 times more easier and help them to understand better.

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