Scan Visiting Cards to Store in Contacts

Business Meetings, Parties, Workshops, Corporate Events or event personal events are the places where you meet your prospects or new business connections. As a common traditional practice get followed of exchanging visiting cards.

Most of the time it happens that these visiting cards get missed placed while travelling or in most of the cases get slide into drawers in some diary or in card holders and finally forgotten.
It may be a loss of big opportunity.

Vistabizz App enables you to scan this Visiting card using technology of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which recognizes fields from Visiting Cards and convert it into data fields like first name, last name, designation, mobile number, company name and address etc. Captured Field Names can be altered or New Fields can be added.

Original Photo of Visiting Card gets stored along with Data to contacts for Future Reference.

Check the video to know how it works :

You can download the app here :

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