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Vistaids is a unique software for all who need to generate ID cards either for members or for visitors instantly like schools, educational institutes, clubs, hospitals, commercial and residential complexes where members or visitors entry cards.

Simply Enter Data
Simple Data Entry
You can Pre-defined data fields. Data can be entered, or Pre entered data can be searched or selected. Data can be entered in any language.
Photo Capture
High Quality Photo can be captured in Computer with connected camera or webcam You can zoom in and set face position
Simply Enter Data
Print ID on the spot
Print ID on the spot
Saved data can immediately be printed as an individual ID card on the connected ID Card printer with Pre selected.

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Software has inbuilt ready designs of different categories which can be used as it is or can be modified with Inbuilt ID card designer. New designs can be created and saved. Designing / Decorating material like shapes, backgrounds, cliparts is available in the software, in addition you can use your own.



Any code in data can be mapped as barcode. 10+ Different types of Barcode supported. Barcode can also have actual code displayed below Barcode image.

QR code

QR Code

Automatic QR code generated Real Time from pre mapped data fields. QR Code can be scanned in any standard QR Code scanner to read data.

Import from Excel

Import Export Data

Data can be imported directly from excel. Automatically Titles of Columns become data fields & available in designs. Any Language & any cell format can be imported directly. Similarly, you can export the data from software to excel as well.

Quick photo assignment

Quick Photo Assignment

If you have pre entered data or imported data and photos which are captured and available for assignment then Drag and drop photos one by one from folder on your pre entered data in the software. A super time saver as you do not have to edit every entry for updating photo.

Package Print

Package Printing

Multiple Data can be printed as Icard at Once. All Icards simplex or duplex can be imposed on Bigger Paper Sheet with Various type of Cut marks, Header, footer.

Photo Editing
Photo Editing
Automated bulk photo cropping and editing can be integrated seamlessly with Edit Xpress. Advance photo editing tools like photo color correction with BCG, RGB, Curves, ready pre-sets for photo brightening, background removing and replacing tools.
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Multi Lingual

Software narrate in different regional as well as international languages

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