Women Entrepreneurs: Changing The World

Blog_Womens Day Special 2021

For women entrepreneurs, starting a business might feel like entering into a completely different world, where people are going to laugh at you, taunt you, discourage you and envy you. They face several challenges when it comes to surviving in the harsh corporate world. One of the major problems faced by them is funding. Sometimes while running a business they might also feel compelled to adopt what much of society has deemed more stereotypical “male” behaviors, like a more cutthroat, competitive attitude and an aggressive or harder demeanor, just to be seen as an equal or as a leader. Many female entrepreneurs say that they are not treated with the same respect as their male counterparts. 

So, if you’re starting a tech business or a cosmetics company, a retail store, or a consulting firm, you’ll almost certainly end up in a room with people who believe you got where you are because of chance or nepotism rather than hard work, talent, or experience. 

So how do we change that? 

Every day, through our actions, and in the way we lead, talk, question, and act, we challenge norms, transform habits, change laws, take action and inspire others to create a world without gender-based discrimination. It is also important for women entrepreneurs to feel confident and believe in themselves. Start a company for which you are genuinely enthusiastic. You’ll be motivated to learn, improve, and remain at the forefront of your field if you do what you love. This will help you gain trust, allowing you to talk about your company as though it were a natural extension of yourself. 

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Ujwala Desai – YUDI, is an amazing entrepreneur and the queen of gravies who sells her “Magic Powder’‘ to students abroad. Her range of Ready-Mix gravy pouches is now circulated widely among students to fulfill their hunger and eat home meals. She started her business without any promotion, relying solely on her product to bring in business. After creating catalogs, visiting cards to send out to clients, and invoices to bill clients with Vistabizz, she is now a proud entrepreneur operating her business from Mumbai and reaching out to people worldwide. So if you’re ready to take on the world with a storm, this app helps you to find resources, learn new skills, understand the business landscape, prepare for investment meetings, make contacts and help you know that no matter what may come, you can face it. Being a woman shouldn’t stop you from achieving your dreams.

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