YuDi’s achieved Goals with VistaBizz

Vistabizz has helped me to grow my business. Now I am able to make product brochures, price lists, invoices, and everything else using Vistabizz.

YuDi’s is a company started by Mrs. Ujwala Desai for making masalas for jhatpat cooking (instant cooking). It all started when her son was going abroad and she wanted him to cook without wasting his time, so she made these instant cooking masalas. There are many individuals who don’t want to spend money and eat outside foods but don’t have time to complete the entire recipe- YuDi’s jhatpat masala is the solution for them! She realized this and started selling YuDi’s Jhatpata Cooking masala commercially.

Like any other individual setting up a business, in the starting phase, YuDi’s faced challenges on their growth path. The most difficult part was to manage marketing, sales, accounting, inventory all by themselves. She was also facing the problem of presenting and making the products reach the prospective audience.

Her husband, Mr. Milind Desai, who is an advanced user of Vistabizz recommended this app to her. Ujwala then started using Vistabizz at every stage of her business. She makes her product brochures and shares them with family and friends. She makes social media and WhatsApp posts and posts them in many groups, which brought many inquiries to her. While addressing those inquiries, she either sends the price list or a quotation with a payment link which increases the conversion. The product gets shipped and goes along with the invoice generated through Vistabizz. Right from product marketing to product delivery, at every stage, Vistabizz comes as a handy tool.

Mrs. Ujwala Desai says that she wants to grow and increase many products and definitely increase the turnover, and she is confident that she will be able to do it with Vistabizz, easily and by herself.

“I would recommend Vistabizz to everyone who has small businesses, and wants to handle all the departments by themselves, and the Vistabizz app, which is hardly Rupees 100 per month subscription, can take care of all the load and make you smarter and more confident to handle your business in a better way!”

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